About Atomy

Absolute Quality, Absolute Price and Earn Online…

The Vision: To be the preferred source of the highest quality daily essential products at the lowest possible price.

The Mission: To help lower the living expenses of the working class and provides the means to increase their income.

  • The Company is South Korean Government-backed Online Shopping Mall.
  • The Products are Absolute Quality, Absolute Cost Daily Essential.
  • Compensation Plan: 70% of the sales income to it’s member.
  • Membership: Free to Join, No Recurring / Maintenance Fees.
  • Passive Income from all Personal and Team Consumption.

Atomy is the exclusive distribution channel for Kolmar BNH, a joint-venture company that is formed by both Kolmar Korea, a subsidiary of Kolmar USA and KAERI. Both companies have a long history of R&D into the skin care and cosmetics field. Atomy’s products are made using a combination of technology from all three companies.

It started from the the research conducted by KAERI, the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute to find solution to help the worker in KAERI who have low immune system due to the radiation they were experiencing working at the company. The outcome of the research was Hemohim – supplement that can assist human body to increase it’s Immune System.

Join force with KOLMAR USA who is a primary manufacturer in the world, roughly 60% of the world cosmetic produce by them. Many of the wold popular brand are using KOLMAR such as Channel, Shiseido, Lancome, Clinique, etc.

Atomy was initiate by Mr. Han-Gil Park who is also the CEO of Atomy, with his 10 years experiance in Network Marketing he Saw the Flaw and decided that Atomy will be different from all other Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing.

He was able to make KAERI and KOLMAR to see his plan join force together they formed Atomy. All products will be research by KAERI and produced by KOLMAR and market by Atomy.

The Video is in Korean with English Subtitles


The research continues not only for the Immune Supplement Hemohim but into variety of Health Supplement, Skin Care, Hair Care, Personal Care, Household needs and much more.

Atomy will be like Online Store or Worldwide Online Supermarket with Quality Products and Affordable Price where everybody can enjoy and the most benefit is when you tell others about how well Atomy is and they joined you will be benefit from that.



No Fee to join, No Overpriced Product, No Auto Ship, No Monthly Recurring Fees, No Pressure to Buy and Sell and No Uneasiness to Share!

Atomy also offers a 24/7 international business opportunity that anyone with an internet connection can start right away. Moreover, there are plenty of free educational materials online and Success Seminars to attend to help us grow our business.

To stay active as a member, we only need to buy one product a year… which could be a set of 4 tubes of travel size toothpaste (50 gm each) for S$7 a set. They are effective as give-away to your prospects for their try-outs.

As an example of price competitiveness, a bulk purchase of 20 x 200 gm size Toothpaste at S$88 will bring down the price to S$4.40 a piece which is much cheaper than some well-known brands.








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